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Celebrating Nurse Practitioner Nina McNeill’s Career

For 27 years, Kids First Health Care’s Nurse Practitioner Nina McNeill has provided health care services to students in the Adams 14 School District. At our school-based health center in Adams City Middle School, she has provided comprehensive health care and support to the school’s students, including listening to their concerns and teaching them how to be smart health consumers.

“My experience with Kids First Health Care has been a ‘dream,'” said Ms. McNeill. “And the dream came true for me all these past years. I’ve enjoyed working in the school-based health center (SBHC) and providing health care (focusing on physical, behavioral, and academic aspects of adolescence) in the middle schools.

Throughout her career, Ms. McNeill has made a difference in the lives of thousands of students, including Tonia Lopez, PhD, former patient and current Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education Manager in Adams 14.

“Just the amount of love and care and attention that comes out of the closet that Nina works out of is pretty amazing,” said Dr. Lopez. “Just knowing how many weight checks and shots and physicals that she does is amazing. She’s the first person in the building and sometime she’s the last person to leave. And to know how long she’s been in the district, that’s incredible because she’s probably been doing that for decades.”

To read more about Ms. McNeill’s inspiring career, please see The Denver Foundation Floodlight article on her work.

Congratulations to Nina McNeil on her retirement and best wishes for the future!

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