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Community Advisory Committee

Community Advisory Committee

Through an intentional community engagement process, Kids First aims to improve the way we address patient barriers to care, including through our patient navigation systems, partnerships, and approaches to developing treatment and care plans with each of our patients.  Together with our partners, we hope to build a community that has greater awareness of its needs and to harness the resources we have to collectively improve health equity for children and youth across Adams County.

To achieve this goal, Kids First hosts Community Advisory Committee meetings in the communities we serve. Our Community Advisory Committee is made up of community members that include teachers, students, parents, school administrators, and other partners. Our members help us to understand the distinct issues of the communities we work in, and tailor our services and programs to better meet their needs.

Learn how you can get involved! Contact Breanna Deidel, Director of Communications and Development, at bdeidel@kidsfirstco.org for more information.

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